Software Reseller

We are authorized software reseller of Autodesk, Adobe, Corel, Microsoft and Unity, provide license with support(installation and Training). In last 15 years of our business we have successfully delivered hundreds of solutions to small and large industries like Media Entertainment, Event Management, Media consultant, Advertising etc.

Our unique added value services differentiate us - from the most comprehensive range of professional services to extensive marketing & lead generation programmes, to experienced sales support and development.

PI Software is the force behind a whole range of innovations that have transformed and simplified the way people access services across society.

We have built an organization that can respond to local challenges but at the same time is as flexible and effective as a large international company. We offer the best solutions not only for large and complex customers but also for smaller companies looking for standard off-the-shelf products. Our ability to make use of our local knowledge while at the same time delivering the benefits of our international resources places us in a unique position where innovation and renewal benefit our customers and their end-users.

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