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Adobe Substance 3D For Teams

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Give your business the 3D design edge

From product and packaging designs to 3D rendering and 3D painting, bring a whole new perspective to your work with the Adobe Substance 3D Collection.

               How can substance 3D benefits your business

Perfect for designers as well as 3D artists, Substance 3D lets you create realistic 3D content for marketing and branding, product and fashion design, gaming, and more. Save time and attain incomparable realism by making Substance part of your 3D pipeline.

As easy as 1-2-3D

You know Adobe Photoshop. You know Adobe Illustrator. Do you know what that means? Substance 3D is an approachable next step, offering familiar design tools, AI automation, and thousands of customizable 3D design assets so you can focus on creating beautiful results.

Connect to your go-tos.

Substance 3D apps integrate with Photoshop, Illustrator, and third-party favorites like Cinema 4D and 3ds Max. Seamlessly move between apps, collaborate across teams, and produce 3D models and artwork in record time.

Render customers are speechless.

Whether you’re building simple or complex models, enhancing your 3D art with textures and paint, or creating 3D renders, Substance 3D tools offer the precision and control you need to create gorgeous, realistic, state-of-the-art scenes and designs.

       The 3D generation is here


In Substance 3D Painter, you can select a brush and texture your asset in a fast and familiar interface. Then modify existing paint strokes easily with layer manipulation. And with a real-time viewport, what you see is what you create.


Substance 3D Stager is your virtual studio to showcase your 3D asset in context. Drag and drop 3D assets, materials, lights, and cameras to set up the perfect shot. Then export photorealistic rendered images, publish to the web, or share in AR.


In a blink, transform an image of the physical world into a 3D material. Substance 3D Sampler closely matches your reference photo and allows the mixing of captures for more advanced surfaces.


Complete authoring control for material creation. Substance 3D Designer’s node-based workflow lets you try everything and adjust anytime. Suit your materials for any scenario.


Access over 15 thousand customizable models, lights, and materials created by world-class artists for every industry. The Substance 3D Assets library has what you need for each part of your creative workflow.

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  1. Gaurav Shrivastav

    “Best 3d Texturing Software”

    + PROS: The Interface is very lovely & user-friendly. It is straightforward to use & easy to learn. There are enough tutorials to learn Substance from their official website. The Workflow is too lovely.
    - CONS: I can't say I don't like anything. I like everything about substance. Everything is so lovely; I like it very much & easy to use. If you want to try, please download & install the trial version.
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  2. Abhishek(UI/UX designer)

    Comprehensive 3D Design Suite: Adobe Substance 3D for Teams. One of the standout features of Adobe Substance 3D is its powerful texturing tools

    + PROS: Comprehensive 3D software suite: Adobe Substance 3D for Teams offers a complete set of 3D design tools, including texturing, rendering, and 3D modeling. It makes it an ideal choice for teams that need a versatile and powerful software suite. Easy to learn: The software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for new users to get started. The interface is well-designed and organized, making navigating through the different tools and features simple. Powerful texturing tools: Adobe Substance 3D for Teams includes powerful texturing tools that allow you to create high-quality, realistic textures for your 3D models. The software has a library of materials and textures; you can also create your own. Collaborative features: The software is designed for team collaboration, with features like version control, cloud-based asset management, and the ability to share projects and assets with team members. Integration with other Adobe products: Adobe Substance 3D for Teams integrates seamlessly with other Adobe products, such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro. It makes incorporating your 3D models and textures into your other projects easy.
    - CONS: Requires a powerful computer: The software requires a powerful computer with a dedicated graphics card to run smoothly, which may be a drawback for some users with older or less powerful hardware.
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  3. Dhawal P. Technology Analyst

    Problems Solved and Benefits: Adobe Substance 3D For Teams addresses the challenge of creating detailed textures for 3D art, offering a user-friendly solution for texture painting and previewing. Its collaborative features enable efficient teamwork, leading to faster project completion and improved workflow coordination. By streamlining the texturing process and providing access to a vast library of materials, Adobe Substan

    + PROS: Adobe Substance 3D For Teams revolutionizes texture painting for 3D artists, offering an intuitive interface and powerful tools. The real-time previews ensure instant feedback, enhancing creativity and productivity. Bright masks and layers simplify the texturing process, even for beginners, while the extensive library of materials and brushes provides endless creative possibilities. Collaboration features facilitate seamless teamwork, allowing multiple artists to work on projects simultaneously.
    - CONS: Adobe Substance 3D For Teams' learning curve can be steep, requiring time and dedication to master its full potential. Some users may find the interface overwhelming initially, necessitating thorough training and support. The subscription-based pricing model may only suit some budgets, especially for smaller studios or individual artists.
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    Adobe Substance 3D For Teams
    Adobe Substance 3D For Teams

    From:  69,720

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